Spreading Our Love of Candles to You

LavishSunset Candles is family-owned hand-poured candle business run by Pam and daughter Stephanie Bushey, We are both born and raised Vermonters with a great deal of passion to giving quality candles at good rates for the community. Supporting local is huge in our eyes, and we have always strived to do so when we are able. The love of candles is something we’ve always shared, and being able to learn how to make them and eventually launching a business together makes it even more special.

Having the love for candles like us, you will realize it is not that easy to find 100% pure soy candles, and at a reasonable cost. Soy is a much cleaner burn, which is why it is all either one of us burns in our homes. With that being said, our candles are all hand poured with 100% pure soy, 100% concentrated scents, and 100% cotton sticks.

We are excited to be constantly adding to the variety we offer our customers! We have so much passion for what we are doing, and hope that each and every candle has a way of bringing that passion to you. Sunsets have a way of stopping us in our tracks, and making us take in the moment of peace. This is what we want our Lavish Sunset Candles to do for you as well! A moment of tranquility with an amazing smell that can make your mind drift elsewhere.

We thank you for all the love and support! ~ Pam & Stephanie Bushey